Original expressive charcoal and pastel drawing of a Bumblebee - drawn in August 2020. 
I take as many opportunities as I can to spend some time slowing down and noticing, and I’ve been taking photos of the quiet industry that is going on in my garden. Gardening is my second love, and knowing the plight and importance of the humble bee, I’m always relieved to see my garden full of bumblebees in the summer months. 
Using a variety of marks and smudges I have been drawing bees as I explore using charcoal with this series, an eraser also becomes a drawing tool allowing me to shape, highlight and smudge the drawing as I intend it and I’ve added elements of colour in this one using coloured pencils. All these different marks and smudges remain visible on the drawings revealing the energy, emotion and processes in the making.

I hope these studies will inspire you to slow down and connect with the extraordinary beauty in an ordinary bee :)

Drawings are 25cm x 17cm on 250g Fabriano printmaking paper and will be sent in a cardboard large letter box with a certificate of authenticity making it suitable as a gift.

Bumblebee #09 - Charcoal & pencil Bee drawing