Bemused or fascinated by a butterfly, this adorable pair clearly support each other through all their feels :)

This sweet little painting will make you our a recipient smile, it may trigger a fond memory, and maybe these two cat friends would be a heartwarming way to celebrate closeness, or thank someone special for being there for you through thick and thin. It will work well for those small and ‘in between’ spaces in your home, bringing a moment of uplift to your day.

Features: Original lively, expressive and illustrative ink and Watercolour miniature Artwork of a pair of cats drawn and painted in 2021. Created using 300gsm watercolour paper, Indian ink, Acrylic ink and watercolour. Marks and splatters give the Artwork a fresh and immediate style where my 'working out' can be seen and enjoyed.

This painting measures 10cm X 10cm or approx 4" X 4" and appears 9.5cm X 9.5cm in the mount. It will be sent to you matted (mounted) in a 8" X 8" (approx 20 x 20cm) off white mount as shown, with a certificate of authenticity making it immediately ready for gifting or adding into a standard frame.

Please be aware that these are miniatures and may have been enlarged beyond their real size on your screens, this of course will depend on the device on which you are viewing it! Please check dimensions carefully and any questions? please do ask :)

‘Butterfly distraction ’ - Tortoiseshell & Ginger cat mini painting