A vibrant watercolour painting overlaid with an energetic drawing in charcoal of a young Fox scratching, relaxed, striking and enlivening, the marks made by the charcoal adds an energy to the drawing too. The inspiration for this piece comes from the foxes in my community and their curious ways, but also from the materials themselves. There are paint strokes and washes, marks and scribbles, smudges and lines - plenty to keep you gazing at the Artwork again and again - it is a piece to bring a moment of beauty and mindfulness to your day. The delicate shapes mixed with confident marks reveal the sensitivity and energy that I apply whilst creating the piece, and the subject matter uplifts you with the wit and beauty in nature.

This latest series of Charcoal based Artworks celebrates the beauty amongst our local Wildlife and introduces their energy through the materials used to describe them. I found that the beauty of nature became amplified through the past year of lockdowns and restrictions because the noise of the world, both audible and visual, was diminished, and this inspired me to create this new series which I hope you will love. 

About the Artwork: 
Original and expressive Charcoal drawing applied to a watercolour painting using sketchy and confident marks and smudges revealing the energy, emotion and processes in the making of it. An eraser and blender also becomes a drawing tool allowing me to shape, highlight and blend and watercolour adds a touch of colour. Painting is approx 40cm x 30cm on 300gsm textured watercolour paper and will be sent to you packaged in a cardboard box with a certificate of authenticity making it suitable as a gift.

Itchy Fox, charcoal and Watercolour painting on paper - 400mm x 300mm