Sometimes we only ever notice what we had when we start to lose it - I’ve never been to Australia, but this is how I feel about the wildlife and habitats that have been destroyed due to the extreme bushfire damage in recent months. I’ve been following a few of the charities that help these animals and the work that some people are doing to help the animals is amazing, but I’ve also noticed that some of these donation pages have stayed on the same figure for days - the donations that were pouring in are easing off and so I just want to raise a little awareness again and help in a small way with my donation. I also know that my contribution will be bigger if I can sell Artworks for funds, so here they are: A new charcoal koala series of 8 drawings.

Imagine owning a unique and special Artwork that not only reminds you of the beauty and plight of the Koala but also reminds you of the important donation we made together to help them. I want to emphasise ‘together’ because my work to earn the funds is worth nothing without a collector like you to purchase them. 
I have been researching the charities doing amazing things and intend that 100 % of profit from sales will go to support wildlife volunteers via the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife - they distribute funds as appropriate to volunteers working in the NSW area. 100% of profit means all income after I have covered postage and payment processing fees (1.5%) - my time and materials is all part of the donation.

About the Artwork: 
original and expressive Charcoal and pastel drawing using a variety of visible marks and smudges revealing the energy, emotion and processes in the making of it. An eraser also becomes a drawing tool allowing me to shape, highlight and blend. Drawings are approx 23.5mm x 23.5mm on 150g cartridge paper and will be sent in a cardboard large letter box with a certificate of authenticity making it suitable as a gift.

Koala charcoal drawing #04 - Koala’s for FNPW funds, a series of 8


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