© 2018 by Luci Power

Original comical Pen and Ink drawing of a bunch of dog mates, quite clearly they’ve been getting dirty with each other :D This is a piece that will add a moment of humour into your day when you see it on your wall, perfect for part of an Artwall or those 'in between spaces' :)

This painting is part of my 'Dog Mates'  series of drawings. Completed in January 2020, using watercolour, Indian ink and a dip pen.  The painting is 24cm x 32cm (or 9.5” x 12.5”) and is a lively expressive drawing with line variations, a host of mark making, and splatters caused by the vigorous use of a traditional dip pen and watercolour splashes, this all gives the Artwork a fresh and immediate style where my 'working out' can be seen and enjoyed.

My simple ink drawings remain the backbone of my work and I will always return to them as they are often the basis and the inspiration for new work and ideas.

‘Mucky Pups’ - from the Dog Mates series of watercolour and ink drawings