20cm x 20cm oil painting on unbleached canvas board.
In my garden I seem to have some accidental poppies, they are lacking their pigment and this fault is their beauty. When I paint from observation I am aiming to draw attention to how the ordinary can be extraordinary - in this case I‘m not sure this poppy is ordinary at all, but I am amplifying this moment in my garden to a moment that can be shared. 
The style is fresh and textured with visible mark making using palette knives brushes and charcoal for drawing. The colour and texture of the board becomes part of the content and charm of this Artwork. 
This particular small Artwork is provided unframed but would look great either behind glass or in a 'float' or 'tray' frame. Painting has been protected with semi gloss gamvar varnish. 
Please check dimensions carefully.

‘Pale Poppy’ - oil painting on unbleached canvas board


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