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In this lino print I have used just a single colour for a striking image of the endangered Pangolin on a tree trunk. The mottled Black printing ink is a feature of this unique print.

I first learned about Pangolins a few years ago via the David Shepherd Wildlife Association which works to protect endangered animals, once discovered, these adorable creatures, also known as scaly Anteaters, are never forgotten. The Pangolin is the only Mammal to be covered in scales and sadly it is facing extinction due to the fact that it is the most illegally trafficked wild mammal in the world.

This print is 15.5cm X 22cm and appears 14cm X 19.5cm in the mount. It will be sent to you matted (mounted) in an 8" X 10" (approx 20 x 25cm) off white mount as shown. This print is Number three of seven

Pangolin - linocut Print - No. 3 of 7

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