© 2018 by Luci Power

Original expressive ink drawing of a puffer fish painted in October 2018, using watercolour paper and Indian ink, and drawn as part of an online challenge known as ‘inktober’. Inktober involves creating an ink drawing everyday during October and is supported by a series of prompts that can be followed should an artist need them. This year I started Inktober using the prompts and then gradually moved onto drawing dogs for my own pleasure. 

This particular drawing of a blow fish or puffer fish was in response to the first day’s prompt ‘poisonous’ as these fish can ONLY be prepared by experienced trained chefs due to their extreme toxicity, and eaten by the brave - not something I will be trying any day soon! Surely this super cute specimen can’t be deadly?

A lively expressive drawing with line variations and splatters caused by the vigorous use of a variety of traditional dip pens and watercolour marks and splatters, this gives the Artwork a fresh and immediate style where my 'working out' can be seen and enjoyed.

Through mark making and a little exaggeration I am striving to deliver uplifting moments of humour and positivity for the viewer with these characterful wildlife drawings. Perfect for part of an Artwall or those 'in between spaces' :)

Puffer Fish - Ink drawing