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Add a moment of uplift to every day of the year with this adorable and comical postcard sized Zodiac Cat calendar. Display it on your desk, fridge, or anywhere that you need a smile and quick calendar reference. Bonus tip: when you’ve finished with it, chop off the dates and stick it on a blank card and use it as a Birthday greeting! (Any other re-use ideas gratefully received 😄)

2024 Cartoon Zodiac Cat Calendar consists of 12 illustrated 350gsm postcards each representing a Zodiac cat, and the month of the year most closely associated with that Zodiac sign, PLUS an easel or magnetic clip for display, don’t forget to select you preference

If you already have a clip, easel or other means of display, then head on over to this listing for the Calendar only:

I mean no sense in purchasing items you don’t need is there?

Materials: This adorable postcard sized calendar consists of a set of 12 postcards 4” x 6” (104mm x 148mm) printed on silk 350gsm paper with a new Zodiac Cat illustration for every month and will be sent in an A5 board backed envelope.

Zodiac Cat calendar WITH EASEL or CLIP

£8.95 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
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