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"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." - Mary Oliver

Connecting through Marks

I believe: I believe in helping people make emotional connections to the world around them, and so I seek to create Art that makes those connections, to inspire emotional insight, laughter, wonder and mindfulness in our now frantic world.


My Background: I spent my early career as an interior designer having trained at Kingston University, and I very quickly found myself designing theme parks, exhibitions and themed restaurants - the work was fun and inspiring, full of humour, colour, concept and Storytelling. Much of what I designed was intended to spark emotional connections, be it joy, wonder, anticipation, even fear! It is this theme of making emotional connections through creativity that continues to run through my Artwork today.


Most days: I have lots of ideas and fascinations, so much so that my mind is buzzing (does this sound familiar?!), and although I just want to get those ideas onto paper, I can find myself overwhelmed and completely unable to start. I have found that observational work has a mindful effect and so now I often start my days recording what is in front of me and paying attention to the moment in order to quiet my mind and pave the way for more expressive work. Some of this morning work can be seen in my blog where I aim for openness, self refection and fun which I hope people will connect with!


My work: Although my observational pieces are often mindful and controlled, my landscape and abstract work is gestural and active, both reveal the expression and energy with which they were painted. My Art has a linear approach that develops from a love of drawing. I create edges with ink and paint, and seek to retain marks which chart the process of a painting, including the unpredictable! With the addition of a personal service, my Artworks and their  stories become lasting memento that supports the collector's memories, needs and desires.

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