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Getting excited about Toadstools and French Beans!

Somebody asked me this week what I do for excitement. Perhaps they don’t view my life as an Artist and Mum as very dynamic! Why ever not?! ;) The question made me chuckle but also caught me off guard as my mind went blank, I couldn’t actually define what I did for excitement! Was it holidays? A particular activity? A sport? Nope, none of those. Do I even need excitement? Perhaps I even seek to avoid it?

Ever since I was asked, I have been thinking about this question. I can only imagine that it would be hard for an extrovert who enjoys the adrenaline rush of, say, a roller coaster ride, to understand that somebody might prefer to seek solitude and calm rather than excitement, but to me there is a longer lasting pleasure in that state, and on reflection ...this is when I find life exciting.

After a week of mulling it over, I find I can articulate my answer: Painting and drawing excites me. Inspiration, ideas and new challenges are exciting. I find Art supplies exciting! Vast landscapes, digging in my garden, spotting a goldfinch, drawing french beans and toadstools, being creative and, most of the time, being solitary is exciting. I have so many creative ideas to explore, my mind buzzes with possibilities and the results are often very rewarding, well that is quite enough excitement for me!! and the bonus is; this is where I also find calm and mindfulness.

Does any of this resonate with you? What do you do for excitement? Does excitement need to stem from something dynamic? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Rebecca Johnstone
Rebecca Johnstone

Yes! I absolutely agree with you - nothing I find more 'exciting' that a moment to myself to journal, read, write, draw and art journal or work in my scrapbook. We have bird feeders and love watching the robins come - I can't remember ever seeing as many in the spring before? Very exciting! <3

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