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My intention in this series is to convey, with paint and marks, the delicate and resilient nature of Beetles. Each painting is a gem to adorn your walls and bring a moment of wonder and humour to a blank space. I’ve always thought of artwork has jewelry for your walls, and these may be the perfect gift for the insect lover on your life :)

In these pieces I’ve explored the line between abstraction and realism, between humour and beauty, and the marks often reveal the energy with which my work is painted. I’ve deliberately used a refreshing palette with pops of colour and pattern to celebrate the diversity in this species. From a distance there is beauty and serenity, and up close there is wonder and humour, whether that is in the shapes, the drawing details, or the sometimes comical text inspired by an unloved novel.

Description: Original Acrylic and mixed media painting with collage, pencil, ink, acrylic paint and scratched textures and various mark making processes. Painted on 300gsm watercolour paper this painting is sold framed and measures 14.8cm x 21cm set within a double white mount in a 44cm x 32cm white 12mm frame with polycarbonate ‘glass’ for safe delivery.


Sent with a certificate of authenticity and signed on the back.

Please check dimensions carefully and any questions? please do ask :) A perfect gift for an entomologist!

‘Bug Collection #08 - Original mixed media Beetle painting

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