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Here‘s a quirky one! I found this little fella in my daughter’s bedroom & thought it was worth painting.  This painting is ‘Lego Monster’ and depicts a green Lego Mixels character figure - oil on hand prepared panel, sealed on all sides with PVA, front face prepared with 3 layers of gesso and mushroom coloured acrylic dottled and textured paint effect. Dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 0.4cm deep (would look great in a floating frame!). Will be sealed with satin Gamvar varnish after purchase.A small moment of quiet observation that reminds us that there is beauty and interest in the mundane if we slowdown and notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. Observational work becomes a mindful process for me when I need to slow down, My hope is that this painting does something similar for you. Layers of drawing, measuring, annotation and painting remain deliberately on the surface encouraging a noticing and connection with my  process as well as the subject.Painted in 2018 but never before available for sale. Perfect for part of a gallery wall or those 'in between spaces' :)

‘Lego Monster’ - Still life oil painting on prepared board

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